Eventmie Lite

Welcome to Eventmie Lite documentation.

Eventmie - Event planning reimagined with Laravel

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What is Eventmie

Eventmie is an Event planning and management Laravel package. With Eventmie, launch a dedicated platform for Event planning on your domain. Streamline the event planning process through automation. Eventmie is secure, scalable, production-ready.

Just install it into a brand new Laravel application or an existing one and start selling events for free.

Lite Version

{primary} This is Eventmie Lite version documentation

Eventmie Lite Version is open-source, free to use. Lite version has got limited features & functionality.

  • Live - Visit lite version live.
  • Github - Give us a Star.
  • Download - Visit here to download.

Pro Version

Eventmie Pro Version comes with Commercial license. Pro version is fully loaded with a lot of useful and exciting features.

  • Live - Live preview available now.
  • Purchase - Available for purchase now - Flat 50% Off (limited time offer)


To enhance the performance, security and scalability of Eventmie, internally we've integrated some open-source third-party libraries/packages.